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Our Vision

Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and Collaboration: we know these technologies are strategic to grow your business, and we are experts in them.

Our team has been developing its expertise in these core technologies for the last 10 years, combining training and technical certifications with the development and delivery of complex projects for clients among the largest companies in Brazil. Niteo US Inc. is a subsidiary of Niteo Informática and it is bringing all this expertise to the U.S. market.

Niteo’s Software Consulting and Engineering Services combine our customer-centric approach with agile principles and methods specific for each of our core technologies. Our unique skills and expertise are customizable to you and to your project’s needs.

Materializing this knowledge Niteo is also created Flash BI, a SaaS BI platform that delivers pre-built data analytics and decision support systems for businesses, which in its first release focus on CRM systems, offering out of the box dashboards, data models and reports to support CRM business users in their decisions. You can access them everywhere, in smartphones, tablets and in your desktop.


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Business Intelligence, Collaboration and Software Development, this is where we can help you.

By focusing on these core technologies, and aligning our team’s competency with them, we believe we can offer you a team that can deeply understand your needs, and deliver your project.



Our services can start with as low as 80 hours monthly, and can grow fast, adapting to your needs.

Our company is tuned up to adapt its team driven by our client’s needs. Our processes are prepared to improve efficiency in resource allocation keeping quality and cost under control, with great speed.

Customer Centric

Ready to Go

We tailor our services to your needs. We believe this is essential to create a successful relationship.

From our first requirement analysis, our proposal, and our delivery method, we share and get constant feedback, adjusting to it. Our goal is to provide only one surprise: a service or project seamlessly executed.

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