Niteo US Inc. is a subsidiary of Niteo Informática and it is offering its long history and knowledge in Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and Collaboration to the U.S. market.

We started our operations on September/2013 in the U.S. developing pre-built decision support systems in the Cloud for businesses. Our packages were a natural evolution of some of the products that Niteo Informática developed in the past. We rewrote these products from the scratch, in a completely new platform and new technologies. You can find some brief information about the previous products’ version here.

In addition, we offer specialized services on BI, Data Analytics and Collaboration technologies so companies could get our expert knowledge, directly from our experienced team. Our more than 10 years of experience in the combination of these three technologies allows us to provide unique value to our clients that are not only highly specialized, but also very cost effective.

For more information about our company, our address, our products, etc., please, contact us.


Specialized Services

Business Intelligence
Data Analytics